Work Accidents

No matter what industry or profession you work in, there is always a risk that one day, you might be injured while on the job.  When that happens, you need someone in your corner with experience in worker accident litigation.

Work accident include accidents occurring “while engaged in an economic activity, or at work, or carrying on the business of the employer” according to the International Labour Organization (ILO). Some of the most common work accidents include falls, slips, and trips, overexertion, labor law cases, workers struck by equipment or falling objects, crashes and collisions, exposure to harmful substances or environments and injuries sustained from fire or explosions.

Through our knowledge and experience we will guide you through the difficulties of worker accident litigation accident litigation such as assessing who is at fault and liable for your workplace injury, determining the value of your personal claim, and negotiating with insurance companies to maximize your total compensation.

If you have been hurt while on the job and are seeking compensation for your injury, don’t face these challenges alone. Let the Irwin Law Firm help you today.


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