Truck Accidents

While any vehicle-related accident can cause serious pain and injury, cases involving large trucks such as semi-trailer’s tend to be especially dangerous given their disproportionate size and weight. Drivers and passengers involved in accidents with these vehicles tend to suffer more serious and permanent injuries, if not fatal ones.

If you or a loved one were involved in an accident with a truck, retaining the services of an experienced attorney is imperative. Truck drivers are often heavily insured, and more than one party can be held responsible for a truck driver’s negligence.  Having an experienced lawyer working with you as soon as possible will help ensure your case is handled carefully and in the most professional manner. Trucking accident claims can be difficult when it comes to identifying the many different lines of insurance – the truck and trailer are often insured by different companies, with either or both potentially being guilty of negligence.

Through our knowledge and experience, we will guide you through the difficulties of truck accident litigation such as gathering evidence from the accident to determine who is at fault and who is liable to pay for your injuries, filing appropriate documents and lawsuits with the courts, and negotiating with insurance companies to get you the highest compensation possible.


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